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Many users all over the world are looking for a suitable VPN provider. They want to surf the Internet safely, gain unlimited access to movies, TV series and sport live streams, share content that is restricted in some regions, and share files anonymously. The choice of a VPN service is not easy, as there are dozens of big and small companies on the market.

Our expert team has made it their mission to test various VPN providers and carry out recommendations. We conduct detailed examinations of VPN services. Our test reports contain a lot of valuable information about the offered services, functionality of the software and its costs.

Users can see ratings of each VPN service, and get an idea about its strengths and weaknesses. Our comparison is always transparent, we make recommendations for different user audiences. Our reports help visitors to easily find just the right VPN clients for them.


Dougal Wells

Enthusiastic Series Fan and Nerd

Dougal has been working in IT Branch for 15 years now, he is the father of two children. He is also an enthusiastic fan of online streaming, and knows almost all episodes and seasons of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead by heart. He prefers streaming via Netflix or Amazon Prime to the television, because this way he can watch the most recent seasons as soon as possible. Dougal is our VPN expert in streaming and has been using VPN clients for his private needs for quite some time.

John Anderson

Founder of an Internet Start-up Company

John is our most experienced editor due to more than 20 years of experience in online branch. John uses VPN programs not only for work, but also privately, and knows everything about the technology. He specializes in assessment of anonymity and security of VPN software, especially with regard to online banking, and possibilities for anonymous surfing. Because of his years-long experience in work with different VPN providers and software, John can easily assess which VPN client is best suited for which purpose.

Andreas Schmidt ist VPN-Experte und Redakteur bei

Luke Brown

Experienced Web-Designer & Online-Marketer

Internet is Luke’s home, he is very familiar with all the new technologies. He does not only design web pages, he also takes care of technology and marketing. He knows enough of functionality of VPN clients. He uses VPN software for his private matters, and also for his professional needs: mainly, for testing web sites, anonymous surfing, and bypassing firewalls.

Adam Buckley

Lives in New York and Travels a Lot

Adam is our globetrotter, who currently lives in New York. Due to his profession, Adam travels a lot around the globe, and likes to share his experience in testing our VPN providers. Adam is now skilled in geo-blockades in different countries and streaming services. He is our expert in assessing VPN clients in regard to their firewall bypassing abilities, and data encryption in public networks. Adam values, first of all, simplicity and security of VPN services.



Rebecca Shaw

Gamer with Heart and Soul

Rebecca is the youngling in our family of experts. Rebecca is a passionate online gamer and tests the compatibility of some VPN clients with online gaming. As a semi-professional eSports player, Rebecca examines the ping, speed and stability of VPN connections. In addition to this rather untypical for a young lady hobby, Rebecca is also an avid The Walking Dead fan and uses VPN software for streaming TV series and movies.


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