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Top 10 VPN Providers 2019


Find the VPN that suits you!

We’ve made finding the right VPN easier than ever by testing hundreds of providers, so you don’t have to. You should choose an established, all-round provider like CyberGhost VPN. You can use CyberGhost VPN’s software on up to 7 devices simultaneously, including:

– PC/Mac/Linux

– Tablets

– Smartphones

– Gaming Consoles

Safety and Security

Cyberghost encrypt all your data transfers to the highest security standards! Backed up by over 3000 servers, Cyberghost provide one of the most stable and reliable services available.

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What is a VPN?
VPN stands for ‘Virtual Private Network’. To understand what this means, first you need to know a little bit about public and private networks.

Public networks allow people all over the world to access files and data. The most famous example of this is the Internet!

Private networks are used by homes and businesses to share files and information with other people within the network. The access to these files is limited to the people and devices within the private network.

Virtual Private Networks allow people from around the world access to a shared secure private network. When you sign up to a VPN, you join a huge private network of people all around the world. However, you probably don’t want to share your private network with the world, which is why it’s important to choose a secure provider like CyberGhost VPN.

Hide your IP address using a VPN server

When you log on, your device shows a unique IP address. This can tell people a lot about your Internet history and can be used to track down your location. For many people, this is information they don’t want to share. It is also one of the main reasons to use a VPN.

VPN technology gives users around the world access to private networks. It doesn’t matter what type of Internet connection or device you use, you can gain access to a VPN. This is possible because VPNs connect using existing communication networks.

VPNs hide your IP address using their servers.

A VPN hides your IP

When you access a VPN, you virtually plug your computer into another network. If you use a trusted service such as CyberGhost VPN, then your connection to the network is encrypted in real-time. This prevents people from recording and spying on your data.

Is it Secure?

Yes, very! If you use a trustworthy VPN. This is because VPNs enable you to use an encrypted virtual network connection on an otherwise unencrypted network.

Getting Started

  1. Choose the VPN that’s right for you. We recommend using trustworthy provides like CyberGhost VPN.
  2. Download and Install the VPN software. Once you’ve chosen your trusted VPN provider, you’ll need to download and install their software. Top VPN providers support installation on your computer, mobile device, gaming console, or router.
  3. Connect to the Virtual Private Network. Once you have installed the software, you will be able to connect to the VPN. All VPN network users are then automatically connected to a server. When you are connected to the server, you will get a new internal IP address.  
  4. Browse Safely and Securely. The VPN’s secure encryption means that computers outside the VPN network cannot access internal communication.

What does VPN software do?

When you download anything from the Internet, it’s good to know what it is. That’s why we want to give you a clear understanding of the choices before you choose your provider.

Trustworthy VPN software contains a virtual network adapter which is installed on your device. This gives you a secure line of communication with the VPN.

Your operating system (Windows/Mac/Linux) recognizes the network adapter as if it were a regular Ethernet adapter. All data transferred via the adapter is then automatically secured using high-quality encryption.

Your VPN server settings prevent users in the VPN from interacting. When you connect to the VPN, you will receive your own privately encrypted tunnel.

Data that you send and receive is transmitted to the Internet using an IP address (the address of the login server). The IP address of the login server is the same as the IP address you are given, guaranteeing reliable anonymity.

Thanks to the encryption of the internal virtual network adapter, your privacy and anonymity are guaranteed.

All data you send or received cannot be assigned to you as all other VPN users appear one IP address.

What are the advantages of VPN software?

VPN software gives you a lot of advantages when browsing the Internet. Here are just a few:

Anonymous Browsing

You can browse the Internet completely anonymously thanks to high-quality encrypted data connections.

Access to Blocked and Restricted Content

Want to watch the latest Netflix releases but can’t see them in your country? VPNs allow you to stream content from anywhere in the world.  

Secure File Sharing

If you want to share files, you can mask your IP address using VPN software. This makes your browsing and download histories untraceable.

Hide your Location

The virtual location of the user can be changed using a VPN client. You can use this to get around firewalls and make blocked websites visible.

Privacy and Protection

Security and Anonymity Online with VPN software       
Your activities online leave a lot of tracks. These tracks can then be traced by authorities, Internet providers, companies, and hackers. If you’re worried about how your personal data is being used, then a VPN may be the answer.

PNs protect against hackers and spies.

Don’t Let Your Data Fall into the Wrong Hands

Using a VPN ensures that your personal data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. VPN software masks your IP address and allows you to browse with complete security and anonymity. They do this by providing you with a secure data tunnel. This is built into the VPN software and hides all of your private information. Even the most experienced hackers will not be able to get access to your data.

Unlock a World of Content with VPN software

Streaming is quickly becoming the most popular way to watch TV shows and films. This has made the online streaming service Netflix a household name. However, depending on your location, you might not be getting the level of content you deserve.

Did you know that Netflix releases most of its content in the USA first? Not only that, but the US also get access to a wider selection. This is because new seasons of your favourite TV series are always released in their country of production first. With a VPN, you can change your IP address and set your location to anywhere in the world. This means you can access the latest content as soon as it becomes available.

Stream your Favourite Sports

If you’re a sports fan, then VPN clients give you access to your favourite games. Want to watch live NBA, NFL or Champions’ League matches? A VPN can give you access to all these and more.

Share Content Safely

Did you know that VPNs enable you to avoid warnings and fines when file sharing?
Sites like eMule, eDonkey, or BitTorrent allow you to download content from other users. If you do this without a VPN, you risk of getting a fine.

With a VPN, you can share your files with 100% anonymity, thanks to high-end encryption. VPNs ensure that all your downloads and uploads take place within your secure VPN connection.

Bypass Firewalls and Unlock Content with VPN Software

 Most countries allow free and unregulated access to the Internet. However, there are some exceptions. Russia, China and Turkey are just a few of the examples of countries which restrict their citizens’ access. If you are travelling to one of these countries and don’t want your online experience to be compromised, then you can use a VPN.

A VPN will allow you to bypass firewalls which block sites like Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia, so that you can keep on browsing without restrictions.

Your VPN client will change the virtual location of your computer. This makes it impossible for firewalls to detect your device or block you from your favourite sites.

Find the Right VPN Provider Today

There are a lot of VPN providers to choose from. However, not all of them are trustworthy and some are better than others. That’s why we have extensively tested all of the well-known providers, so you don’t have to.

Top 10 VPN Providers

We’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 VPN Providers with everything you need to know. The list even includes all of the discounts being offered by the providers.

If you choose any of the providers from our list, be sure to use the links we provide. This will ensure you automatically receive the discount from your chosen VPN provider.  

The discount campaigns are limited to time and availability. We therefore cannot always guarantee that your chosen provider will have an available offer. However, you can always contact us with any questions you might have and we’ll do our best to find a solution

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